My favorite Asanas – Part 2

Today I want to share with you six further asanas, which I love and are regularly part of my practice.

Bidalasana: This asana is often called cat / cow flow in a class. I love it especially at the beginning of a yoga class to gently warm up and bring focus into the body. This asana is also very good when you have problems with your back.

Tadasana: An absolute classic, start of sun salutations and to center yourself after standing positions. A stable stand strengthens self-confidence and also the attention to the body and our position is sharpened. Anjali Mudra on height of the chest to collect and be thankful for the practice.

Tree Pose: One of my favorite balance exercises. Being strong as a tree but still having flexibility. Balance exercises in a practice bring attention to the specific moment but also make fun.

Warrior 2: Of all the warrior positions my favorite. The position symbolizes for me strength and power but at the same time also focus and clarity. Also a very good starting point for other standing positions.

Gomukhasana: One of my favorite sitting positions. Very good for the shoulder area and even more valuable effects on the body. Opens the hips and the heart area, the spine is stretched so that the prana can flow well. And so much more, a very effective position.

Savasana: Last but not least, Savasana or the corpse position. Many say for them this is the most difficult asana. It is mainly done at the end of a yoga class for about 10 to 15 minutes and is often combined with body scan, mindful breathing or fantasy journeys.

You can find Part 1 of the Series here:


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