Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to selfcare

I haven`t posted new spreads for quite a while. In my life many changes manifested which needed my full attention and energy. I am happy that I now have energy and space again to post Yoga and Yin & Yang Inspiration spreads – I will again connect them to a certain topic or moon phase.

This Yoga Inspiration spread is a inspiration for your yoga and meditation practice.

Yoga Inspiration Spread

Emotion: German: Gefühlslosigkeit – English: numbness – I create my own motivation through seeking enjoyment.

Gods & Goddess: Narayana, German: Dein Potential – English; Your Potential, Live your dreams.

Asana: Knees to Chest, Apanasana, Give yourself a good hug, you deserve it.

Healing Stone: Spirit Quartz, Music

Chakra: Crown and Root Chakra, I am a part of the whole, I trust

It is a time where you maybe are much alone, do not have many people around or have to rely on your own. You can be sure that you are capable to solve this situation, hug yourself and be grateful for your inner strength. It is a time to manifest your dreams, be creative, dance and seek for enjoyment. Trust the process and flow of life.


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