Healingstones Series: Jade

Today my new mala bracelet arrived. It is made of Jade and Sandalwood pearls. I also own other healing stones as Amethyst or Rosequartz. So I had the idea to start a Healingstones Series on my blog with some information on the ethereal and physical effects of healing stones. Today we start with Jade.

Jade is the symbol of purity and represents peaceful wisdom. It also protects against mischief and provides harmony. Jade gives courage to show yourself authentically.


  • Heart Chakra

Physical Effects:

  • cleansing
  • detoxing
  • support the excretory organs such as the kidney

Chakra Therapy:

  • Lie relaxed on your back and place a jade stone in the center of your chest. Close your eyes and concentrate on your heart. Try to feel the connection between the jade stone and your heart chakra and the energy that is flowing.


  • Judy Hall, Healing Stones Kompakt & in Farbe
  • Kalashatra Govinda, Chakra Praxisbuch

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