Experiences of my Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

Last week I did a ayurvedic spring cleanse at home. The cleanse was guided by Dr. Janna Scharfenberg a medical and also ayurvedic doctor and yoga teacher. The cleanse was based upon the following three parts:

  • Nutrition: Vegetarian ayurvedic cooking, warm meals. No sugar, sweets, fast food, alcohol, nicotine coffee, wheat. Warm and infused water or tea.
  • Therapy: Oil pulling, Tongue cleaning, much sleep (go to bed before 21:30), massage with sesame oil, less consuming of digital media or tv, spending more time in nature.
  • Activity: Yoga, meditation and pranayama every day.

All parts were essential to the success of the cleanse. Janna encouraged us to balance these elements. The cleanse also helped much with the topics of self care, setting boundaries and to take on responsibility for one’s own health and wishes.

The cleanse was divided into three parts:

  • 3 days preparation
  • 4 days cleansing
  • 3 days building up

The 3 days before the cleansing days prepared the body slowly to the change, this meant for me: start of no coffee, alcohol, reduce sugar and dairy products. Going to bed before 10 pm and plan in time for relaxing activities as a bath, enjoying a cup of tea.

The cleansings days began in the morning with oil pulling, cleaning the tongue and drinking a warm glass of water and a warm ayurvedic breakfast. A soft yoga, meditation or pranayama practice was also recommended. For lunch there was the ayurvedic meal Kitchari and taking time for relaxing, e.g. enjoy the nature outside. As a meal for the evening Kitchari or a light vegetable soup before 6pm. The days ended with a warm golden milk, massage, yoga, journaling and going to bed before 10pm. As drinks tea or warm infused water was allowed, 4 to 6 hours break between the lunches and no snacks were recommended.

The last 3 days builded up the body again. More fats and nuts and dates or raisins were allowed in the breakfast. Also a light vegetable lunch with rice instead of Kitchari was allowed. Drinking much tea and warm infused water and much Yoga was still a important part.

Some impressions of the meals:

Curry with lenses, sweet potato and carrots
Sweet potatoes with avocado dip

Six of the ten days I had a headache because of Coffein withdrawal. Now a few days after the cleanse the coffee really tastes different and not as good as before the cleanse. Before the cleanse I drank 3 cups a day, now I don’t feel like I have to drink any, the last two days I just had one in the morning. Sweets and chips still taste very good, so I am still a sweet tooth after the cleanse 🙂

When I reflect which elements really helped me in the cleanse I would say:

  • Oil pulling in the morning
  • Warm breakfast
  • Warm milk in the evening
  • Warm drinks
  • Yoga every day
  • Less snacks and intentional cooking and eating
  • Ayurvedic Spices

Will definitely do such a cleanse again and integrate ayurvedic rituals and meals now more into my life.

Can highly recommend doing such a cleanse, also at home.



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