Yoga Inspiration Spread

Some inspiration for a yoga session today.

In the middle: main topic
Left: the past
Right: the future
Top: chances, conscious
Below: chances, unconscious

Between the positions lie our yoga asanas

Maintopic / middle: Yin, the feminine side, letting things flow to you. Time to relax and be open for what is coming up to you.

Left /past: A card for the root Chakra. You faced your true feelings and began a transformational time. This was quite a effort for you, now it’s the time to benefit from the work.

Right /future: A card for the throat Chakra. It’s time to take a risk and to commit to your path and discover the truth. You will be guided by your intuition when you gain clarity.

Top: It’s conscious to you that you are blessed and the right time to start a new project, job etc. You will succeed. Connect with yourself and beloved ones.

Below: It’s unconscious to you that to achieve fulfillment you need to purify your surroundings. Let go of the old, eat fresh and healthy, drink much water, take a bath and simplify your life. Think positively and look at your problems from different perspectives.

Yoga session:

Do the following asanas:
1.king pigeon pose
2.half lord of the fishes pose
3.camel pose
4.intense side stretch pose

Strengthen your root and throat Chakra e.g. via Mantra, meditation music or healing stones



2.Jnana chin mudra


Decks used:

  • Yoga Sequencing Deck by Mark Stephens
  • The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver
  • Monology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
  • Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman
  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Mudras by Gertrud Hirschi

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