My favorite Asanas – Part 2

Today I want to share with you six further asanas, which I love and are regularly part of my practice.

Bidalasana: This asana is often called cat / cow flow in a class. I love it especially at the beginning of a yoga class to gently warm up and bring focus into the body. This asana is also very good when you have problems with your back.

Tadasana: An absolute classic, start of sun salutations and to center yourself after standing positions. A stable stand strengthens self-confidence and also the attention to the body and our position is sharpened. Anjali Mudra on height of the chest to collect and be thankful for the practice.

Tree Pose: One of my favorite balance exercises. Being strong as a tree but still having flexibility. Balance exercises in a practice bring attention to the specific moment but also make fun.

Warrior 2: Of all the warrior positions my favorite. The position symbolizes for me strength and power but at the same time also focus and clarity. Also a very good starting point for other standing positions.

Gomukhasana: One of my favorite sitting positions. Very good for the shoulder area and even more valuable effects on the body. Opens the hips and the heart area, the spine is stretched so that the prana can flow well. And so much more, a very effective position.

Savasana: Last but not least, Savasana or the corpse position. Many say for them this is the most difficult asana. It is mainly done at the end of a yoga class for about 10 to 15 minutes and is often combined with body scan, mindful breathing or fantasy journeys.

You can find Part 1 of the Series here:



Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread with Meditation inspired by the Yogasutra by Patanjali

The topic of our Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread today is a Sutra from the Yogasutra by Patanjali.

Identification with the fluctuations of mind is stopped by practice and non-attachment.

Yogasutra by Patanjali, 1.12

The Yin Side is invited to think about thankfulness (Deutsch: Dankbarkeit).


The Yin Side can be thankful for what they have in their life and show their love and also receive love from others. They can fully rely on their intuition. They are struggling with seeing the people around them with a certain detachment, that doesn’t mean that you are not full of compassion with them.


The Yang side is invited to approach everything more playfully and to express themselves. Express their thoughts, emotions and not let them stop from being creative and approach things with a certain lightness and a new approach.


As Mudras I chose today:

  • Yin: Trishula Mudra for the Third Eye Chakra
  • Yang: Garuda Mudra for the Throat Chakra


Sit down in a comfortable pose.

Relax your shoulders down.

Yin: Bend your pinky fingers inward, lay your thumbs over your pinky fingers, the other fingers are pointing straight out. Hold your hands away from your body.

Yang: Bring your left hand in front of your heart, your palm facing in. Bring the back of the right hand behind the left palm until your thumbs meet. Interlace your thumbs, the other fingers point outwards. Bring your hands to your throat Center.

Close your eyes.

Watch your breath and how your belly lifts up and down while you are breathing.

Focus on your breath.

Think about the following sentence:

Yin: Clarity fills all of my senses, leading me to unity with everything.

Yang: I embrace the freedom and openness of my pure expression.

Which emotions are arising?

Allow them to arise but then let them pass.

As Patanjali states in the Sutra:

Identification with the fluctuations of mind is stopped by practice and non-attachment.

Practice is our meditation practice. Non attachment is allowing our emotions, watching them and then let them pass.

Open your eyes slowly.


Decks used:

  • Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle
  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy body
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter
  • Yoga Philosophie Karten

Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Winter Solstice & Twelfth Night

Yesterday we had Winter Solstice and soon Twelfth Night starts. Winter solstice is the day with the shortest period of daylight and longest night of the year. From the 24th of December until the 6th January we will have Twelfth Night, 12 holy nights between Christmas and Epiphany. The 12 days also resemble the 12 months of the year and predict in each case the events in the assigned month. It is a time of looking inward, reviewing the old year and previewing the coming year.

Enjoy this time and withdraw to your inner sanctuary. Enjoy the tranquility and harmony. This inner space is always there for you. Enjoy the lightness that surrounds you when you enter this space.


In the recent past, it has been about pursuing a goal with discipline and perseverance and working with focus towards it.


We are now invited in the Twelfth Nights to surrender and enjoy. Go with the flow and review the last year, have a look at your success and make space for reflecting, celebrating and drawing back instead of making plans and working with focus.


It is unconscious that the theme of self-love is an issue especially in relation to the physical body. Accept your body as it is, look lovingly at every part of it. Treat yourself also lovingly, through care of your hair or skin, nutrition or sports.


The subject of self-confidence is conscious. It became clear what your own interests and abilities are and that you want to use them. One does not want to stay any longer in situations that do not allow this.

As Asanas for our Yoga Session I chose today:

Yoga Session

Very intense and joyful, but also relaxative and detoxing asanas.

  • Extended Side Angle Pose
  • Camel Pose
  • Reclined Hero Pose
  • Plow Pose
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
  • Corpse Pose


Decks used:

  • Yoga Sequencing Deck
  • Ask your Guides
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter
  • Wild Offering Oracle

Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread with Meditation for the Root and Throat Chakra

As topics for our Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread today we got Truthfulness for the Yin and Acceptance for the Yang Side.

Yin Side

You can expect truthfulness (Deutsch: Wahrhaftigkeit) from yourself but not from others. The Yin side is invited to be authentic and truthful and to shape their lives according to their beliefs. To pursue one’s own ideas and projects with passion and creativity and to transform oneself.

Yang Side

On the Yang side, one had to realize that things are not as they seemed. The Yang side is invited to look at the circumstances, not to blame oneself and to accept the situation as it is.

For our Meditation Session I chose following Mudras and Mantras:

  • Yang Side: Bhu Mudra for Grounding
  • Yin Side: Samputa Mudra for showing the authentic side

Yang Side: Sit down in a comfortable pose for a short meditation. Extend your index and middle finger for a V-shape, curl your pinky and ring finger inward and place them on your thumbs. Place your arms on height of your thighs. Close your eyes, breathe in and out deeply. Focus on your belly while breathing in and out. After a few cycles think about following sentence: Grounded to earth I recieve support and abundance. Which emotions are arising. Allow them to flow through you. Open your eyes again when you are ready.

Yin Side: Sit down in a comfortable pose for a short meditation. Hold your left hand cupped, your palm facing up. Bring your right hand cupped, palms facing downwards over your left hand. Bring your hands to your belly center. Close your eyes, breathe in and out deeply. Focus on your belly while breathing in and out. After a few cycles think about following sentence: I speak my truth clearly with integrity and compassion. Which emotions are arising. Allow them to flow through you. Open your eyes again when you are ready.


Decks used:

  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy body
  • Practice you daily awakening deck
  • Lektionen deiner Seele
  • Moonology Oracle
  • Gaia Oracle

Yogateacher Training Weekend – Inversions, physiological medical conditions

This weekend I had my 10th Yogateacher Training Weekend. The focus of the weekend was on Inversions. Due to Corona the weekend was done Online via YouTube and Google Meet.

Our Yoga practice had the focus on Inversions and preparing them:

  • Ardha Pincha Mayurasana
  • Uttana Shishosana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Sirsasana
  • Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
  • Viparita Karani
  • Salamba Sarvangasana
  • Halasana

As Pranayama Practice we did Nadi Shodana.


17:00 – 18:45: Asana, Shavasana
19:00 – 20:00: Lecture on the ethereal effect of inversion postures


9:00 – 10:45: Asana, Pranayama
11:30 – 12:45: Lecture Didactics and Anatomy of the Shoulder
14:30 – 17:30: Lecture Medical Conditions with Shoulder & Spine, physiological view
17:45 – 19:00 Evening practice: Chakra balancing and Savasana


09:00 – 10:50: Asana, Pranayama
11:20 – 12:30: Lecture Medical Conditions with Pelvis, Legs, Knees, physiological view
12:30 – 13:15: Individual Questions about practice

This was a weekend with a very high amount of new information, especially in the lectures with physiological information.

And also it was fun, I really love inversions. They are among my favorite asanas.

Again a very inspirational and insightful weekend.


Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Third Eye Chakra

This Yoga Inspiration Spread today is dedicated to our Third Eye Chakra and our intuition. As topic we got Presence (Deutsch: Gegenwart) and the goddess Kali.

I live in the heartbeat of the present.

My intuition flows whenever I am still.

Kali is the most powerful form of Shati. She destroys the evil in order to protect the innocent. She guides through transformation by dissolving all forms and time.

Early past

You are full of compassion for your fellows. But you also start to meet your own thoughts and desires with openness and now want to turn your dreams into reality. Allow yourself not only to dream but also to manifest them.


You can achieve anything, at any time you can reinvent yourself.


It is still unconscious that you should no longer think about the past. Clean yourself of it to recharge your energy. Instead look at your ideas with childlike curiosity and enjoy your creativity.


You are aware that failure also brings a chance to learn and develop. Listen to your intuition and your inner voice, this will show you the right way.

For our Yoga Session I chose today Asanas with effect on our Third Eye Chakra.

  • Childs Pose
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Spread Leg Forward Fold Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Supported Shoulder Stand
  • Shavasana

Start with Childs Pose and focus on your forehead laying on the mat. After staying for at least 10 breaths in this pose you can do some Sun Salutations for warming up. Step by step you can also integrate Dolphins Pose into your Sun Salutations instead of Downward Dog. Afterwards stay in Prasarita Padottanasana as long as you wish. Afterward we close the session with two inversions. In Bridge Pose and Shoulder Pose also stay as long as you wish and try to concentrate on your area between your eyebrows, the Ajna Chakra. We end our Yoga Session with Shavasana.


Decks used:

  • Yoga Sequencing Deck
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter
  • Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle
  • Soul Vision Oracle
  • Healing Mantra Deck