Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread

This weekend we will have a New Moon in Pisces. Time for a new Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread. What are the energies in us that need to come in balance? Both sides are about a transformational process. As Chakras we got Solarplexus for Yang and Sacral-Chakra for Yin.


On Yang Side its about a transformational process which will lead to change and growth. Its about breaking free from negative people or situations and to believe in ourself and to stand up for our own values. This will lead to inner growth and change. Its about leaving old stuff behind and embracing the new and to trust that we are strong enough to go through that process.


On the Yin Side its about Rejuvenation and Clarity. Its about healing and purifying our body and to listen to your intuition. Perhaps you doubted your intuition recently. This transformational process is quite challenging but you can make it. You discovered a passion for a specific topic where you could show your creative side. Keep focusing on this project but take care of your health.


As Mudras I chose the following:

  • Yang Side: Matangi Mudra – Interlace your fingers of both hands, bring your right over your left thumb. Extend your both middle fingers and bring the tips together. Rest the base of your wrists just where your ribs meet. Relax your shoulders.
  • Yin Side: Mira Mudra – Join the tips of your thumb and of the pinkies of both hands together. Bring the tips of your joined fingers together. Extend the other fingers up. Your hands rest in your lap just below your navel. Relax your shoulders.

As Asanas I chose the following:

  • Boat Pose: This intense asana activates our Solarplexuschakra.
  • King Pigeon Pose: Stay as long as you wish in this restorative pose, its balancing our Solarplexus, Sacral and Root Charka.
  • Garland Pose: This stretching and standing asana balances our Sacral and Root Chakra.
  • Reclined Hero Pose: This intense streching asana is activating our Solarplexus Chakra.
  • Eagle Pose: This standing and balancing asana is balancing our Sacral and Root Chakra, try to balance as long as you can and switch your legs.

Decks used:

  • Inner Compass Oracle by Heather Hoeps
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman
  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno
  • The Secret Language of Colors by Inna Segal
  • Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle by LON
  • Mudras for Awakeing the Energy Body by Alison de Nicola
  • Yoga Sequencing Deck by Mark Stephens