Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the New Moon in Scorpio

Yesterday we had a New Moon in Scorpio. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings and refilling of energy for new projects. Scorpio is a Water Sign, resembling transformation, passion, intimacy, ambition and desire for control.

Topic of the New Moon

So this new moon is a time for overcoming fears regarding a new start, especially in relationsships, no matter if intimate or not. But also a job or other projects could be a topic.

Recent past

In the recent past, one started a transformative process but still had certain fears and therefore just made small steps. The intuition told oneself where to go, action and trust in ones inner voice is now needed to be able to start. The asana Uttanasana can help you here to connect with yourself and your inner truth. This soft Inversion can also lead to different and fresh perspectives.


Turning ones gaze within will lead to the right path. The flow consisting of Cat and Cow can inspire you to rely fully on your inner voice. Enjoy the moment, focus on your breath and harmonize it with the two asanas. In Cat Pose you look upwards, breathe in the air and energy and with Cow Pose you connect with yourself and breathe out.


Its still unconscious that our soul plan is inside ourself and everything will unfold as it should be. Control issues should be stopped and instead dive deep into the flow of life. The Eagle Pose is a beautiful asana to balance your inner Yin and Yang, Shiva and Shakti.


One is aware that there are hidden secrets still to be discovered, one can feel that this transformation is activating a inner truth and it is time to integrate these in ones life. The asana Upward Table is a perfect asana for gaining power and energy to manifest. Enjoy feeling your body and strength.

Decks used

  • Starseed Oracle
  • Super Attractor Deck
  • Moonology Oracle Cards
  • PlayPauseBe Yoga Deck

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