Diary of a Vipassana Retreat – Day 4

Today I want to share with you the notes of Day 4 of my Meditation and Silence Retreat.

In the morning very tired, I take a short walk outside to wake up. In the meditation I quickly move out of my body, but I am very tired at the end. After breakfast I enjoy the gardening in the sun. Feeling that I no longer have arms comes very quickly in the next meditation sessions, soon the rest of my body dissolves. My eyes are like windows through which I look. The first two morning sessions go very well, in the last one before lunch I don’t get in at all. I am extremely tired. Lunch is super tasty and right after that I head out into the woods.

After a long walk, reading in the sun and coffee and cake, the next session begins at 3:45 pm. I float here in front of my body. The pain in my lower back is suddenly indifferent to me. I am breathed, I have the feeling that it is no longer me doing this but someone else. In the session right before dinner, I also feel very warm during meditation. In the evening meditation sessions I again have the experience of floating outside my body. In the evening there is a lecture about duality. Existential questions arise. What am I if not only this body? Very inspiring but also fundamental questions that I will ask me the next days.

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