Yin & Yang Inspiration spread with Sacral and Solarplexus Chakra Meditation

As Chakras for our Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread we got Sacral Chakra for the Yin and Solarplexus Chakra for the Yang Side. For the Yin Side it is about opening for emotions and intention, the Yang Side struggles with self made barriers and overcoming them.

Yin Side

The Yin Side is about emotions and making room for them, listening to them and see them as a useful tool for information. Listen to the emotions and become clear about their messages. Then it is time for manifesting them. Intention will help the Yin Side – to focus on their wishes to come true.

Yang Side

On the Yang Side it is about anatomy and overcoming self made limits, to realize that one is free, the infinite possibilities and the potential. Its about trusting that all things will unfold on this path. The answer for the Yang lies deep in their heart. Listen to the peaceful messages that it is sending you.

Meditation Session:


As Mudras for our Meditation I chose today:

Yin Side: Yoni Mudra, Sacral Chakra

Yang Side: Mushtika Mudra, Solarplexus Chakra

Choose the Mudra that resonates with you.

Sit down in a comfortable meditation position. It is important that you can sit comfortably for several minutes, so don’t force yourself into a position that is uncomfortable for you. Vajrasana or Sukhasana is a good seating position, but you can also meditate on a chair.
Now bring your shoulders back and rest your arms comfortably, for example on your thighs. Lower your chin. Breathe in and out. Form your hands into the according mudra:

Yoni Mudra: Place the palms of the hands together, interlock the pinky, ring and middle finger downward. Bring the thumbs towards the body, join the pads of the index fingers together to form a diamond shape. Rest the hands, the thumbs pointing to the body in front of the pelvis.

Mushtika Mudra: Curl the fingers inward in each hand, thumbs are pointing up. Bring the heels of the hands and your thumbs together. Hold your hands lightly against your abdomen.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out and feel how your belly is rising up and down while you are breathing.

Maybe you can also feel your breath rising in and out of your nostrils.

Focus on the according mantra for our meditation session:



Be gentle with yourself, when other thoughts are coming up while meditating.

Just come back to the mantra.

Come back slowly to your presence in the room. Maybe you can hear sounds or smell certain scents.

Open your eyes.


Decks used:

  • Chakra Cards for Belief Change
  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy body
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter
  • The Wild Offering Oracle

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