Healingstones Series: Amethyst

Today we will have a look at the Healing Stone Amethyst. This one is a very well known and one of the widest spreaded stones. It’s color is rose to lavender. This powerful stone is a symbol for dreams and the intuition.

It’s soothing the mind and stimulates spirituality.


  • Third Eye Chakra

Physical Effects:

  • stimulating hormone production
  • regulate the endocrine system and metabolism
  • releasing physical, emotional and psychic stress
  • releases tension
  • positive effect on gut and gut flora
  • helps for better sleep

Chakra Therapy for the Third Eye Chakra:

Choose an amethyst and a rose quartz.

Sit in a quiet place and focus on your third eye chakra. Choose a receiving and a sending hand. To test it, rub your hands together and then feel which hand is sending energy and which one is receiving.

Now take the rose quartz in the receiving hand and the amethyst in the sending hand. Now concentrate on the receiving hand and that it should absorb all the negative energies, then turn to the sending hand with the amethyst that should send nourishing energies to your third eye chakra. First hold the rose quartz to your third eye and ask to send the negative energies into the stone. Now put it back. Now hold the amethyst to your third eye and ask it to send calming energies into the chakra. Now hold both hands over your chakra and focus on your third eye chakra coming back into balance. Breathe in and out deeply.


  • Judy Hall, Heilsteine Kompakt & in Farbe
  • Cyndi Dale, Das Handbuch der Chakra Arbeit

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