Yogateacher Training Weekend – Reflection, Designing a Yoga Course, Advaita Vedanta

Last weekend I had my 11th Yogateacher Training Weekend. It was a really intense and inspiring weekend. Our topics were:

  • Asana Practice
  • Workshop on Downward Facing Dog
  • Meditation
  • Energy work for yoga teachers
  • Reflection questions for teaching good yoga classes
  • How to design a yoga workshop
  • Didactics course structure and how to design a yoga course
  • Advaita Vedanta

Due to Corona the weekend was again done via YouTube Streams and Google Meet.

This weekend we learned how to design a yoga workshop by participating in a workshop ourselves and via a didactics lesson. Each of us will now design a own yoga workshop until june with the support of our instructors. Currently i tend to do my workshop on the topic of twists, i love asanas with twists.

Another topic was how to design a complete yoga course. Also here we have the task to design our own course.

During the weekend, one of my classmates did a lecture on Advaita Vedanta. She is a practitioner of Advaita Vedanta for many years. It was very exciting to hear from a practitioner about what it is all about, what the practices are, what the beliefs are and how it affects her daily life.

Another very intense part was the first afternoon on Saturday, when we were given questions to reflect on ourselves and our yoga practice and teaching. For example, what kind of yoga personality we are, what we enjoy, what makes our teaching good, etc.

On the first evening, our instructor also gave a lecture on what yoga teachers can do to gather energy for giving a good yoga class.

A very inspiring and insightful weekend.


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