Meditation Series – Book Review “Siddhartha’s Brain: The Science of Meditation, Mindfulness and Enlightment”

This is a personal review of Siddhartha’s Brain (German: Die Hirnforschung auf Buddha’s Spuren) by James Kingsland.

James Kingsland is a technology writer and has written articles on medicine in magazines as Nature. He also has a blog called Plastic Brain where he is writing about actual developments in brain research also regarding buddhist psychology.

His book Siddhartha’s Brain is a mixture of scientific research on mindfulness, brain research, buddhism, positive effects of meditation and how to guides with different meditation techniques.

A very interesting mixture of topics.

I am really interested in brain research and so I really loved all the scientific studies and information on various parts of the brain.

What I also really liked in a scientific book is the connection to Siddhartha and his way of becoming Buddha.

There are also some small sections on how to meditate with short descriptions of meditation techniques.

So if you are a Yogi interested in meditation and also in scientific research and brain research this is the perfect book for you.

If much description on brain parts and scientific studies aren’t topics that are interesting you or you look for a book that offers much guidance on how to meditate, then I would recommend you another book on meditation.


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