Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread with Meditation inspired by the Yogasutra by Patanjali

The topic of our Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread today is a Sutra from the Yogasutra by Patanjali.

Identification with the fluctuations of mind is stopped by practice and non-attachment.

Yogasutra by Patanjali, 1.12

The Yin Side is invited to think about thankfulness (Deutsch: Dankbarkeit).


The Yin Side can be thankful for what they have in their life and show their love and also receive love from others. They can fully rely on their intuition. They are struggling with seeing the people around them with a certain detachment, that doesn’t mean that you are not full of compassion with them.


The Yang side is invited to approach everything more playfully and to express themselves. Express their thoughts, emotions and not let them stop from being creative and approach things with a certain lightness and a new approach.


As Mudras I chose today:

  • Yin: Trishula Mudra for the Third Eye Chakra
  • Yang: Garuda Mudra for the Throat Chakra


Sit down in a comfortable pose.

Relax your shoulders down.

Yin: Bend your pinky fingers inward, lay your thumbs over your pinky fingers, the other fingers are pointing straight out. Hold your hands away from your body.

Yang: Bring your left hand in front of your heart, your palm facing in. Bring the back of the right hand behind the left palm until your thumbs meet. Interlace your thumbs, the other fingers point outwards. Bring your hands to your throat Center.

Close your eyes.

Watch your breath and how your belly lifts up and down while you are breathing.

Focus on your breath.

Think about the following sentence:

Yin: Clarity fills all of my senses, leading me to unity with everything.

Yang: I embrace the freedom and openness of my pure expression.

Which emotions are arising?

Allow them to arise but then let them pass.

As Patanjali states in the Sutra:

Identification with the fluctuations of mind is stopped by practice and non-attachment.

Practice is our meditation practice. Non attachment is allowing our emotions, watching them and then let them pass.

Open your eyes slowly.


Decks used:

  • Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle
  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy body
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter
  • Yoga Philosophie Karten

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