Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Full Moon in Gemini

We soon will have a Full Moon in Gemini and also a partial Full Moon Eclipse. This year we had 6 eclipses, which is very rare. Eclipses are important cosmic events which signal big endings and beginnings. Eclipses are therefore a time to meditate and to rest. Maybe you have intense dreams or feel chaotic, agitated, exited.

The Full Moon will be in Gemini which can be a time of fresh ideas, insights in communication matters and fresh information.

Early past

For the early past we got Freedom (German: Freiheit) and being in accordance with our surroundings (German: Einklang). You realized that you have the power and free will to be the creator of your own happiness and showing this to the outside.


For the future we got Doubts (German: Zweifel) and weighing up (German: Abwägen). You are invited to make space for new and fresh ideas and free youself from the need to know everything.


For the unconscious we got Success (German: Erfolg) and Peace (German: Frieden). You are invited to realize that to love is the highest of all goals and you can find peace in your heart.


For the consciousness we got Denial (German: Leugnen) and Expression (German: Ausdruck). You are invited to stand by your fear but put conscious insight in its place and don’t be afraid to express your emotions to the outside.

For our Yoga Session I chose today following Asanas:

Yoga Session
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Big Toe Pose
  • King Dancer Pose
  • Revolved Head to Knee Pose
  • Half Lord of the Fishes Pose
  • Corpse Pose

Decks used:

  • Yoga Sequencing Deck
  • Moonology Oracle Cards
  • Lektionen deiner Seele
  • Das Orakel der indischen Götter


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