Online Yoga Course – First steps

Last Tuesday I did a Yoga Online Session for some of my colleagues and friends. I will now do this regularly and Thursday will be the next session.

For designing these classes I use the tool tummee. With tummee you can design yoga sequences, analyze them regarding the number of poses, body positions, chakras, muscle groups, types etc. This is very helpful for me.

Here are the links to my first two classes:

1st Session:

2nd Session:

Some impressions:

Our sessions are 60mins, everyone can take part also complete beginners. We start the session with a short relaxation, then some warming up, standings and balance poses, as cooldown some sittings, a inversion and 10min Shavasana.

I really enjoyed teaching the first session, it was so fulfilling to see how everyone was relaxed after our session. This is giving so much back to me.

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