Meditation Series: Journey through the Chakras

At my last Yogateacher Training Weekend we did a Chakra Meditation / Journey through the Chakras.

In this meditation we had a look into every chakra. We opened the door, went inside and felt the sensations that arised. We went up from the root chakra to the crown chakra step by step and then back down from the crown chakra to the root chakra.
We stayed here for a while in each chakra, all sensations were allowed here and should be looked at. Very intensive and versatile perceptions arose here, about which I write here today.

Rootchakra: A very warm and comfortable physical sensation came up

Sacralchakra: I felt a unpleasant pull

Solarplexuschakra: A soft light feeling at my back

Heartchakra: I saw a very huge but empty room with many windows. Light came into this room through the windows. I opened them, looked outside and saw wonderful nature with the sun, a weadow and a forest.

Throatchakra: I felt an oppressive feeling in my throat. Suddenly I became very sad and some tears were flowing.

Third Eye Chakra: I heard a voice that kept saying yes to me

Crownchakra: I felt very little, just a slight breeze over my head


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