Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Summer Solstice

Today we have Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year. So I will dedicate this spread to this special day. Also we have a New Moon in Cancer and a Solar Eclipse.

Doing the things out of joy and with a childlike curiosity as a Inspirational thought. Think back, how was it in your childhood and what were you doing just because you were curious or enjoyed it. As a child you are doing things without having any expectations. So I loved to paint, being in nature, watch the animals or plants, collecting leaves, snail sheels or other things, creating my own stories or enjoyed laying there for hours and listen to fantasy stories. I even was in a chorus, acted in small plays. But as I was getting older I stopped many things because of having fear what others will think about me. What did you love to do as a child? Hie are you acting as an adult?


So in the early past there was much about Sacral Chakra healing. It seems that you tried more to do things out of joy and passion.


So having a look at how you react to people who want to express their appreciation and love to you can be a idea for the future. Do you block the feelings? Or are you grateful and embrace the connection and feelings that arise?


It’s unconscious that for your healing it’s needed to open your mind and connect with your inner truth and trust on your instincts.


It’s conscious to you that Heart Chakra healing is needed. Therefore unconditional love to yourself and others is the answer. Forgive yourself and others to heal.

Yoga Session

As Asanas I chose today

  • Downward Facing Dog
  • High Lunge pose
  • Sage Marichis Pose
  • Head to knee pose
  • Heart Chakra Pose
  • Corpse Pose

Namaste 🙏

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