Meditation Series – Book Review: Communication with the Self. The SOM Program.

This is the first blog post on my personal thoughts and reviews on books about meditation. The first book I will review is from Shri Balaji També, a ayurvedic expert who is also researching on the healing effects of mantras and music. I also found out reading the book that there is a ayurvedic center of him not that far away from my hometown.

So what I really like about this book is that També connects the topic meditation with his knowledge on ayurveda, Sanskrit and music. The book also contains a CD with guided meditations for the morning, evening and music. Also a special Asana and Pranayama Practice is described in the book. This is the so called SOM Program.

So the book isn’t just on meditation, it also provides a overview on meditation, asana and Sanskrit. Also philosophical topics from the Vedas or Patanjali are contained in the book.

This book is therefore suitable if you are looking for a holistic approach. It isn’t providing introduction into mindfulness meditation where you e. g. focus on your breath and body sensation. També describes techniques as recitating Sanskrit, Trataka (staring into a flame, technique is described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika) and Yoga Nidra.

So I would say this is a very good reading for anyone with a interest in meditation, ayurveda and philosophy and anyone who is looking for a daily program that contains meditation, asana and pranayama.

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