Yogateacher Training – Experiences and diary of my retreat at home

From Saturday last week until Wednesday I had my first Retreat of my Yogateacher training. Because of Corona the retreat was at home via YouTube Streams. I was very curious making this experience and my expectations were exceeded. I have learned so much in these 5 days. The daily schedule was as following:

  • 09:00 until 09:30: Morning Meditation
  • 10:00 until 12:00: Asana Practice
  • 15:00 until 17:00: Asana and Pranayama Practice
  • 17:30 until 18:00: Evening Meditation

Meditation: Here we did mindfulness meditation for round about 20 to 30 minutes. Step by step we refined the perception from the focus on the body and the breathing in the abdomen towards to the focus on the breathing stream in the nose and between nose and upper lip.

Asana Practice: Here we did a huge selection of Asanas and three different variants of Sun Salutations. Classic Asanas were enriched by multiple variations.

Asana & Pranayama Practice: The afternoon asanas were designed to soothe and make room for the breath. As Pranayama techniques we did Abdominal breathing, Full Yogic Breath, Ujjayi and Alternate nostril breathing.

During the Retreat I wrote a diary to record my observations and feelings. Here you can find my entries:


It took some time for me to relax and get fully involved in the retreat. circulatory problems during the asana practice, very strong thirst, getting less air during Full Yogic breathing than during abdominal breathing. In the evening very tired, 1h sleep directly after the evening meditation, went to bed early.


In the dancer pose I found the right side much easier than the left. In crow pose it helps me to stand on blocks. circulatory problems, strong thirst. Transitions into Warrior 1 and 2 are still difficult within the new Sun Salutation variations, came well into pigeon pose. Less air comes into the right nostril than into the left, fitter and less tired than yesterday.

3. Day

During meditation I did not feel the exhalation through the nose at the beginning but the perception became better and finer from minute to minute, I managed the crow pose very well today, circulatory problems in the sun salutation, Ujjayi breathing is difficult when inhaling, Full Yogic breathing while laying on the mat is easier than in sitting, strong thirst, perception in meditation has further refined, slight exhaustion in the afternoon.


Tired in the morning, crow pose worked again very well, I needed no belt for Janu Sirsasana today, Ujjayi difficult while breathing in, strong thirst, notice that I am exhausted, so many new impressions.

5.Day (just until 12:00, no afternoon program)

Tired in the morning, pranayama techniques are significantly easier than yesterday, new sun salutations now go more smoothly.

Even though it was physically and energetically exhausting I am very happy to have made that experience. Within a very short time I did not need any more tools for certain asana and also the perception in mediation and pranayama increased very quickly. Motivation for more yoga, but not 5 hours per day. Will try to do daily for 30min, perhaps longer sessions on the weekends.


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