Meditation Series – Personal Review of Meditation Apps

To support my daily meditation practice I tried out several meditation Apps. There are really many in the Play Store, so I tried out a couple of Apps. This is the process I took of choosing them:

  • Impression of the reviews of the App
  • Is there a free version someone can try out?
  • First impression of the design?
  • Are there meditations in my native language?

So with these guidelines I tried out the following Apps from the German Play Store:

  • 7Mind (only German)
  • BamBu
  • Insight Timer
  • Calm
  • Headspace
  • My Chakra Meditation
  • Soulvana

This is a personal review of these Apps. I found following questions quite important for a final chose:

  • Do I like the voice of the person who guides the meditation?
  • Are there various different types of meditations, different topics, lengths etc.?
  • Is it easy to navigate in the App? Do I like the design?
  • Is there a introductory course to meditation?
  • What additional content is provided?
  • What does my intuition say? Yes or no?

Here is my personal opinion on the tested Apps:

7Mind: This app is quite known in Germany because some health insurance companies do offer the premium version for free to their members. It is a very good meditation app overall, nice design and a good introduction course, but doesn’t have that much variety. There is one male and one female voice. Just a few meditations are for free. So a subscription is recommended here. It’s 60 Euros per year. My conclusion: A recommendable App, but I think others offer far more content.

Bambu: This is a App from Europe, very popular in the French Market and Luxembourg. It is a very good meditation app with many different programs, a very good design and usability. The App also offers relaxing sounds. The free meditation, the basics course and many relaxation sounds are for free. But to enjoy this app fully you need a subscription. It’s round about 60 € for a year. My conclusion: A recommendable App, but I think others offer more.

Insight Timer: This meditation App really offers extremely much content (over 35000 titles according to them), by far the most amongst all apps I used and the majority of them is for free. The App is based on a donation basis, but there is also premium content with subscription. The incomes goes partly to the meditation trainers who offer their meditations in the app. You can also do a donation to them in the App. Everyone can find something here from the fresh beginner to the meditation expert. My conclusion: I recommend this App to anyone, but especially for more advanced with meditation. For fresh beginners the extensive program and variety can be overwhelming.

Calm: This App is also very well known. Besides meditation you can find relaxation sounds and music, goodnight stories and a emotion diary. The App is very beautiful designed, the meditations are guided very good, the most important topics are available. There is a free introductory course. Some of the meditations, the relaxation music and goodnight stories are for free, but also a subscription is recommended to enjoy fully. With the premium account you get a daily calm, this is a meditation and short thoughts on specific topics. The costs are round about 60 Euros, but I was lucky and got 50% discount. My conclusion: This App is perfect for those who want to meditate but also like to listen to relaxing music and stories.

Headspace: This is such a lovely and cute designed meditation App. In between the meditations there are such cute little videos which explain the basics of meditation very well. Besides the meditation there are goodnight sounds. Overall it is very easy and clearly arranged. The basics course is for free, so when you finished this you need a subscription, it’s round about 60 Euros per year. My conclusion: I recommend this app especially to beginners.

My Chakra Meditation: This is a little nice app on Chakra meditation. For each chakra you can play specific designed music, very beautiful and relaxing. The app is for free. When you like you can switch off advertisements. My conclusion: Can recommend this app when you are interested in special music for the Chakras.

Soulvana: This meditation App has the focus on group meditation and has a more spiritual approach. There is a great variety of meditations and relaxing sounds. The App is designed very beautifully and is easy to use. A introduction course is for free and quite many of the group immersions, for the programs you need a subscription. It’s 65 Euros per year. My conclusion: For people interested in a more spiritual approach really recommendable.

Which Apps do I use?

I decided to go with Calm in Premium, Insight Timer in the Free and My Chakra Meditation in a ad-free version. These three apps cover my needs. Calm I am using for a daily short meditation in the morning and listen to the stories and music in the evening. Insight Timer and My Chakra Meditation I am using when I want to do more advanced and longer meditations, mostly in the evening, e.g. specific Chakra Meditation or Yoga Nidra.

I invite you to test and try out the Apps to find the right one for you. I hope my review can help you a little bit in the process.


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