Yogateacher Training – My short essay on the Yogasutra of Patanjali

For my Yogateacher training I had to answer a couple of questions for better understanding and studying the writings of Patanjali. It was really a intense reading and writing task for me. I decided to upload my writings on my blog. I will provide a German and English version of it.

The questions were:

Who or what was Patanjali?

What’s a sutra? In which period of time is the origin of the scripture presumed today?

What suggests that Patanjali’s Sutra was influenced by the psychology of Buddhism?

What suggests that the philosophy of Samkhya also plays a role?

What is the central problem of man?

How can he address and solve it?

What are the sutras or statements that you personally find convincing and inspiring?

What have you personally experienced, witnessed and observed?

Which advice or psychology can the sutra support a stressed person today?

What have you tried out/will you try out yourself? What role can your knowledge play in your yoga classes? How can you offer this knowledge practically?

German Version

English Version

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