Meditation Series – Overview and first thoughts

You can’t stop the wavesbut you can learn to surf.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

With my yogateacher training I started to gain a deeper interest for meditation and already learned some meditation techniques to teach in a yoga class. In the last weeks I started meditating daily and was overwhelmed by the effects even when it were just a couple minutes. It all started with a 21 days meditation challenge I took part, a friend invited me to this. It was a really amazing experience so I wanted to continue with this. After the challenge I researched several meditation apps and also literature.

I found out that there are really a lot of them and that the apps are very different. So I started trying them and finding the right one for me. This process is still ongoing. Also there is a lot of literature and so I asked around what good literature can be recommended to me for meditation.

So I decided to write a small series about meditation on my blog. I hope this can help to get a better overview of the different possibilities and how to start meditating.

Topics I want to write about:

  • Personal Review of Meditation Apps
  • Personal Literature Recommendations
  • How to start meditating and my experiences
  • Overview of different meditation techniques
  • Experiences from my Yogateacher training

At the moment I am trying out the well-known meditation app Headspace. You can try this app for free. I am in the middle of the basics course which dues 10 days, this course is also free to try. There are also daily meditations, in the free version you can have a look at 3 different daily meditation sessions. I really like the app, I think it is a very good start for beginners.

The basics course is very lovingly designed and leads you gently but profoundly to the topic of meditation. You can choose the length of the meditation, max. 10 min. In between there are videos with very sweet animations that explain the basics of meditation very well. They also deal with fears and inhibitions one may have at the beginning. For example, that you put yourself under a lot of pressure to switch off the thoughts completely. It is explained very well that it is not about that, but instead if you caught yourself thinking to switch off and get back into your body and breath again.

But there are many more great meditation apps I have discovered. Next I will take a closer look at the app Calm.

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