First Impressions of my Tantric Yoga Course

She walks in the twilight,

Her steps make no sound

She leaves no footprints

On the dew-covered ground.

Her hand gently beckons,

She whispers your name…

When you find her within you,

You are never the same.


This week my Tantric Yoga Course started. Its twice a week and will due until the end of March.

The course is focused on activation of our 7 chakras, connecting with the body, feeling the energy and embrace Shakti, the divine feminine.

The lessons starts with chanting Shakti Mantra. After a short relaxation experience each chakra is activated with asanas, pranayama, mudra and chanting mantras and there is time to feel and connect with the energy of each chakra.

The session ends with Shavasana and chanting Om.

I really felt a good connection already to my Root and Third Eye Chakra. The connection to my Sacral and Heart Chakra also was there but less strong. Solarplexus, Throat and Crownchakra I didn’t feel much. Looking forward how this develops throughout the course.