Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Full Moon in Cancer

The last two days we had the first Full Moon of 2020, this Moon is also called Wolf Moon. Beside that we had a penumbral lunar eclipse. This is why you perhaps saw a little shadow on the Full Moon. We will have four of these eclipses in 2020.

I really wanted to do the reading yesterday in the morning, but I was on a Yoga Festival and had to get up very early, so I decided to do the reading today. I will also write a blog post on the Yoga Festival, it was a great experience.

Beside this really special moon the overall topic of our spread is looking beyond a illusion, this card wants to remind us to stand our ground, trusting our intuition and to be true to our self. As chakras we got Sacral, Solarplexus, Throat and Crown Chakra.

Early past

You really had much strength and endurance and brought a specific topic to completion. A new beginning is on your horizon.


As a future outlook you have to be patient with a specific matter or person. It seems that social rules and family customs play a high role in this matter. It’s a time for you to rest, step back and let things flow naturally.


In your consciousness you have the impression that it is time to let go a specific person, matter or project. You have the impression that you no longer can gain abundance and progress when you stay.


Your unconsciousness wants to tell you to weigh all sides before you decide in which direction you go.

Yoga Session:


Today I chose following asanas:

  • Tree Pose: This standing and balancing asana is stimulating our Root, Sacral, Third eye and Crown Chakra.
  • Garland Pose: This asana is stimulating our Root and Sacral Chakra, put your hands in front of your heart in Anjali Mudra and enjoy.
  • Boat Pose: This intense asana is activating our core and Solarplexuschakra.
  • Bridge Pose: Relax in this backbend position. It’s stimulating Solarplexus, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakra.
  • Fish Pose: This asana is stimulating our Crown, throat, third eye and heart chakra.
  • If you want you can now do Shavasana as a ending of the yoga session.

Decks used:

  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman
  • Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno
  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Yoga Sequencing Deck by Mark Stephens
  • Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland

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