Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Root Chakra

The first Yoga Inspiration Spread in 2020 is dedicated to the Root Chakra. In our spread we got 3 out of 4 cards with the Root Chakra.

At the moment we have a Frist Quarter Moon. It’s a time when you maybe can feel a small crisis. You need to stay strong in this situation. Maybe you have the impression that you lost something or somebody. But you should be reminded that you will gain something back for it in a new way or form. A new cycle begins.


You began to have a look at your true inner self and became aware that you see your self now in a new way. Inner and outer healing occured from this. You now went with the natural flow in your life.


A transformational time is awaiting you where you have to go to the edge. Overcome your doubts and fears and accept the risk.


It’s conscious to you that you shouldn’t give up and it’s time now to realize your dreams. You want peace in a specific matter or with a person. Radical acceptance and opening for joyful moments will help you, share your happiness and your love with others.


A miracle will happen, gifts will be exchanged in a way that you never ever thought that this will happen. Be authentic and honest and spread your love and compassion to the person. You will receive what you give. All is going according to a plan, be confident that everything will turn out well. Perhaps you can not see the way you have to follow, let you guide you by your intuition.

Yoga Session


Today I chose following asanas:

  • Eagle Pose: This standing and balancing asana is stimulating our Root and Sacral chakra
  • Tree Pose: Another standing and balancing asana. This one is also stimulating Root and Sacral but also our Third Eye Chakra.
  • Staff Pose: In this seating pose you can relax a little bit. This one is activating our root, sacral and Solarplexuschakra.
  • Boat Pose: This asana is intense especially for your core and is activating our Solarplexuschakra.
  • Childs Pose: Stay for a while in this restorative asana and breathe in and out.


  • Abhaya Mudra: This Mudra is good for grounding and courage. In Buddhism this is a gesture of fearlessness. Sit down in a comfortable seating position. Hold your right hand up at shoulder height, your palm is facing outward. Your elbow can relax close to your waist.
  • Prithivi Mudra: Sit down in a comfortable seating position. Extend both arms outward, touch the tip of the thumb to the tip of the ring finger. The other fingers extend straight out. The back of your hands can rest on your tighs.

Decks used:

  • Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn
  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno
  • Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman
  • Mudras for Awakening the Energy body by Alison DeNicola
  • Yoga Sequencing Deck by Mark Stephens

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