Self practice with my Inspiration Spreads

Opening my heart šŸ’—

I am using the Inspiration Spreads for a self practice at home.
So it were ‘just’ 4 asanas and 2 Mudras. So here some ideas for you what I am doing with these for a short yoga session.

1. 5min relaxation, laying on my back, breathing and feeling spots of my body on the mat (little body  scan)
2. Cat / cow pose
3. Cat / cow flow together with downward dog
4. Sun salutations as many as you wish šŸ™‚
5. Integration of the asanas into the sun salutation flow
6. Some standing or balancing asana
7. Closing the session with Shavasana
8. Mediate with one of the Mudras or a mantra (I prefer Om mani padme hum, my mala helps with this)

Wish you all a lovely Sunday

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