Yoga Inspiration Spread dedicated to the Full Moon in Taurus

We will have a Full Moon in Taurus next week.

It’s a time to get grounded and work through the negative feelings you have been confronted with. Forgive and make peace. In our spread we got 3 out of 4 cards with the Heart Chakra. So we should open our hearts with this moon and balancing our Anahata Chakra.


In the early past the things went quite smoothed and balanced. It was a time of percepting the good things around you.


The outlook is that love will flow through your heart and the people around you with this moon. Embrace it and stay in self worth manner.


It’s unclear to you that there are people who guide you on your journey. You are stronger than you think. You will gain support for your vision, stay open in your heart. Don’t let you disturb you by gossip or envy.


It’s conscious to you that you need to do small steps and take your time. Trust yourself and be kind to yourself. Be patient and go with your heart.

Yoga Session 🙏

Yoga Session

I chose these Asanas and Mudras for our Yoga Session:

  • Cobra Pose: Balances our Sacral Chakra and Heart Chakra, other Chakras too e. g. Throat, Solarplexus Chakra
  • Heart Chakra Pose: This asana is stimulating our Heart Chakra
  • Ashta Chandrasana: This asana is activating our Root and Sacral Chakra.
  • Fish Pose: a heart opener, it activates throat and heart chakra and also our Crown Chakra.
  • Atmanjali Mudra: A classic, it’s a greeting gesture among Yogis but also can be seen as a greeting to the inner self. To strenghten the effect you can bring your hands in front of your chest.
  • Matangi Mudra: Mudra for Harmony and strength. It’s dedicated to Matangi a tantric godess of wisdom and creativity. It also helps to let go of old and toxic feelings. If you want to strenghten the effect you can put your hands above your belly button.

Namaste 🙏

Decks used

  • Sacred Traveler Oracle by Denise Linn
  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle by Tori Hartman
  • Inner Compass Oracle by Heather Hoeps
  • Mudras by Gertrud Hirschi
  • Yoga Sequencing Deck by Mark Stephens