Yogateacher Training – My second weekend: Sun Salutation, History of Yoga

This weekend I had my second teacher training weekend of overall 14. It was amazing.

The topic of the weekend was Sun Salutations, breath, didactics and an introduction into the history of Yoga and philosophy.

Every day starts with a practice of 1,5h. This weekend the practice was focused on Sun salutations. After the practice we had a didactics session and how to teach a sun salutation in a yoga class. And in the afternoon everyone had to teach a specific part to the other pupils. So on Saturday it was the first time that I teached others and it was such an great experience. I really liked it πŸ™‚

After this we did a introduction into the history of Yoga and the important philosophic writings as the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutra, Hatha Pradipika and so on.

On Sunday after a Yoga session with many many sun salutations, we did a session on breath and the anatomic part on breath.

As preparation for the next weekend I have to read the Yogasutra by Patanjali and of course practicing sun salutations and how to teach them.

Very grateful for this inspiring and insightful weekend πŸ™

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