Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread dedicated to the New Moon in Scorpio

This weekend we have a new moon in Scorpio and I am dedicating this balancing spread to this special moon, which is about overcoming fears and confrontations with your shadow self.

As main topic we have Sacred Earthmother, which says that the essence of you is not your achievements, belongings or your failures. You is your soul, express your truth and your soul. In the guide book is also a lovely affirmation:

I am in essence light, I am in essence soul, I am pure creative potential, I am guided by my heart, I apply love and wisdom to all I say and do

Yang Side

For the Yang Side we have the Crown Chakra. As a color for this side Burgundy, as a herb Echinacea. Burgundy connects your with your passion and enthusiasm. Together with despondence it seems that action in a specific matter is needed. This could be solved through communication. Peace will come through acceptance, it’s the right timing to solve this issue. Echinacea can help you with communication issues and your throat chakra. It also boosts your confidence.

Yin Side

On the Yin Side we also have a card for the Crown chakra. As a color Indigo and as a herb Mugwort. Indigo resembles your vision and to make them a reality, Indigo can also help you reducing stress. When you face fears from the past you can have a new way of living. A guide is by your side which will help you to connect with your inner truth. Luck and good fortune is on your side. Now is the time for miracles you never thought would happen. Mugwort helps you to connect with your intuition and to trust that healing is happening.

Meditation /Yoga Session:

Yang Side:

  • Echinacea is a versatile healing plant. Commonly it is used for the cold, it has positive effect on the immune system, but it can also reduce blood sugar, reduce feelings of anxiety and for treatment of skin concerns.
  • For balancing Crown Chakra you can do following asanas: tree pose, Shavasana, headstand

Yin Side:

  • Mugwort can help with low energy, but also stomach problems, irregular menstruation or anxiety. You can e.g. Drink Is as a tea.
  • For balancing Crown Chakra you can do additionally do pranayama Nadi Shodan / alternate nostril breathing.


Decks used

  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman
  • Inner Compass Oracle by Heather Hoeps
  • Plantlore Herb Cards by The Moon Journal
  • Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno
  • The Secret Language of Color by Inna Segal

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