Yin & Yang Inspiration Spread

Yesterday two new decks arrived which I wanted to use for the Yin & Yang Spread. The first one is the Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno and the second one The Secret Language of Color by Inna Segal. Both decks are so lovely and inspiring.

As main topic we have a hidden gift, so you can remind yourself that with an ending always comes a new beginning. In the guide book is also a lovely affirmation:

I trust that all is unfolding for my highest good. Love and light fill my heart. I give thanks for the blessings I receive. Every ending marks a new beginning. All lives eternally in my heart.

Yang Side

For the Yang Side we have the Sacral and Throat Chakra. As a color for this side white, as a herb Yarrow. White resembles purifying and clearing your mind and body. White also resembles light and truth. Together with quest and guilt it seems that you should discover and speak the truth. You can heal a topic in your life through love. Yarrow also resembles the ability to yield and wield love and healing, strengthen your heart.

Yin Side

On the Yin Side we have a card for the Root and Throat chakra. As a color Plum and as a herb Lavender. Plum resembles dedication and commitment. It also stands for staying strong through hardships. Lavender is a stress reducing and soothing herb which can support you. The dream resembles a breakthrough in a situation and revealing something. The card bittersweet and Soulmate also resemble speaking truth, unexpected news and choosing love.

Meditation /Yoga Session:

Yang Side:

  • Yarrow is used primarily for problems with stomach and healing wounds. So if you have issues with this some Yarrow Tea is a good idea.
  • For balancing Sacral and Throat Chakra you can do following asanas: Trikonasa, Seated forward bend, pigeon pose, fish pose, shoulder stand, bow pose.

Yin Side:

  • Lavender is soothing and relaxing. Drink it as a tea or smell at it or spice your meal with lavender.
  • For balancing Root chakra you can do following asanas: childs pose, mountain pose, bridge pose, Warrior 2, Shavasana


Decks used

  • Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  • Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman
  • Inner Compass Oracle by Heather Hoeps
  • Plantlore Herb Cards by The Moon Journal
  • Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno
  • The Secret Language of Color by Inna Segal

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