Yogateacher Training – First Module on Relaxation

Last weekend I had the first module of my yoga teacher training.

The training will due 2 years. It consists of:

  • 14 weekends with yoga practice, lectures about yogic philosophy, physiology and training how to teach the asanas
  • assisting in 10 beginner classes and guide the beginners to Shavasana
  • teaching 3 whole yoga lessons on my own
  • participation in 2 yoga retreats
  • writing an essay of 15-20 pages on my ideas on yoga and my teaching
  • presentation of these thoughts
  • read and study at home

The first weekend was dedicated to relaxation and shavasana, since the topic of relaxation is one of the main issues why people are starting with yoga. We spoke about the autonomic nervous system, stress, how relaxation and yoga are connected and how to guide someone into Shavasana. Beside that we practiced 6 hours of yoga, mainly basic asanas as childs pose, downward dog, tree pose etc. and shavasana of course.

I learned much this weekend, did basic asanas as downward dog very accurate and of course it was a great experience to guide someone into relaxation.

For the next weekend in October I have to read a chapter about yogic philosophy and develop my own teaching of Shavasana.


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