Yoga Inspiration Spread for Full Moon in Pisces

Some inspiration for a yoga session for Full Moon in Pisces. A old cycle ends and a new one begins.

In the middle: main topic
Left: the past
Right: the future
Top: chances, conscious
Below: chances, unconscious

Between the positions lie our yoga asanas

Maintopic / middle: We have full moon in pisces now. It’s the time of diving deep into your emotions and releasing your fears. Complete this cycle and make sure to complete a project before you start a new one. Also a good time for declaring feelings even when it’s only to yourself.

Left: This card resembles the heart Chakra / Anahata. Appreciating differences is key. Accept the uniqueness of others and appreciate what you have. This mudra strenghtens your heart and can help balancing your Anahata Chakra.

Right: The card resembles the brow Chakra, the center of intuition. Be grateful for the people around you. Think of a person you admire and why. Do mudra for vitality, it helps when you are tired.

Top: It’s conscious to you to take a first step, but that you have to be patient and to trust that everything will work out. You are now at the end of an old cycle and will begin a new one.

Below: It’s unconscious to you that you have to step out of your comfort zone, especially regarding relationships. A relationship may be unconventional but have a look at it and don’t judge. Trust that people that come into your life are there for a reason. Think about why a special person is in your life and what you can learn from them.

Yoga session:

1.childs pose pose
3.expanded fish pose

Strengthen your Heart/Anahata and brow Chakra e.g. via Mantra, meditation music or healing stones


Mudra for Vitality

Annapurna Mudra


Decks used:

  1. Monology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland
  2. Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn
  3. Lektionen deiner Seele by James van Praagh
  4. Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards by Tori Hartman
  5. Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid
  6. Yoga Sequencing Deck by Mark Stephens
  7. Mudras by Gertrud Hirschi

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